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The Airbnb Portfolio

A fake Airbnb apartment decorated with pictures of my portfolio,
put up during Cannes Lions to attract creative directors.

Reality Check

I created a board game. With a taser!

Ren Rutine

A hygiene awareness campaign with focus on getting revenge on COVID-19.

St. Raws

A saintly brand of paper straws.

Game of Goals

To promote womens soccer, we researched and found that women on average score more goals than men.
We then got the female players to challenge the males and made it possible to bet on it.

Driverless License

How do you promote driverless cars? Give them a drivers license!

Give A Fuck

A brand of condoms that gives to charity.


To promote the flamegrilled burgers of Burger King, we made a service where people with non-flamegrilled burgers from McDonald's
could get them flame-grilled at the nearest Burger King.

Goodiebox - Copy

Samples of copy I wrote in-house at Goodiebox.

adidas - Copy

Samples of copy I wrote in-house at adidas Studio A.

The Culture Book by Goodiebox

Copy, design and launch of the official culture book of Goodiebox.


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